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Care instruction

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Please note, appropriate care should be given to the resulting product.

As with any jewellery I do not recommend swimming, showering, sleeping or bathing whilst wearing the bracelet.

It may damage the beads and metal component parts and will shorten the lifespan of the product.

For the elastic string please do not overstretch simply roll the bracelets on and off.


I personally like to clean my jewellery with the cloth the one come with sunglasses they are great for silver :) or using eraser if you like to clean small spot.

also I found the jewellery cleaning liquid are handy to have at home. you can simply buy at the any of the jewellery shop.

we send out jewellery cloth bags, small ziplock bag. Always clean your bracelet with dry cloth then put into the ziplock to avoid the humidity.


I’m pack all the products carefully with jewellery bags and cardboard boxes then using bubble wrap to make sure will arrive safely on you hand.

Please let me know if you would like gift wrap.

( will be no charge)

Thank you


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